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Technical Park is an Italian company specialized in production of Amusement rides for customers from all over the world.

Our qualified team, consisting of engineers, metalworkers, electricians, painters and numerous other experts, delivers results of the highest class. In cooperation with our customers, solutions are developed, products engineered, designed and commissioned, always keeping safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind. This is how a customer request becomes a real customer benefit. Technical Park is always pushing the envelope for new artistic innovations, constantly looking to stay ahead in technology but far away from the edge of the limit, keeping in mind the correct safety factor can’t be an argument for cheap compromises. In fact we combine specific skills and imagination to create a complete product from all points of view.
We feel accomplished when we are able to bring fun to our customers’ life after a long journey which involves engineering practice and design.

The meeting of the rigorous technical requirements for amusement rides in the 21st century is the only way we know to achieve new successes. At our production site, all assemblies are largely pre-assembled and extensive tests are carried out. The control system and programming are also extensively tested at our factory before delivery. This eliminates a large part of the necessary configuration and adjustments on site and the time for installation and commissioning can be used efficiently with a real training.

The company’s goal is presenting high quality amusement rides designed and manufactured with industry process, but maintaining our business attitude to offer the traditional confidence of our family name. Official Website


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