Amusement rides of Technical Park

Technical Park Amusement rides

Technical Park is an Italian company specialized in production of Amusement rides.
Technical Park is always pushing the envelope for new artistic innovations, constantly looking to stay ahead in technology but far away from the edge of the limit, keeping in mind the correct safety factor can’t be argument of cheap compromises. The meeting of the rigorous technical requirements for amusement rides in the 21st century is the only way we know to achieve new successes. The company’s goal is presenting high quality amusement rides designed and manufactured with industry process, but maintaining our business attitude to offer the traditional confidence of our family name. Official Website


Major Rides
Technical Park Amusement Rides

We offer a wide range of major rides and trilling attraction for amusement park with spectacular effect on the public and enhancing the appeal of your teenager area.

All the major rides are available with several options for theming and accessories like LED Lighting, strobe, themed signes and banners made by a professiona team of designers.

The amusement rides are equipped with PLC controlling motors, for the rotation speed, start, stop and emergency procedure with automatic cicling and constant monitoring of the safety feedbacks.

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Family Rides
Technical Park Amusement Rides

We offer a wide range of amusement rides for family ideal to involve the parents with their children and offer them a possibility to share the experience.

In amusement theme park is very important to keep busy the all family as much as possible because the family is the first target and our family rides allow this.

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Coaster & Flume
Technical Park Amusement Rides – COASTER & FLUME

Flume rides & Family Coasters
We can offer a complete set of attractions, from small children’s rides to the mature roller coasters. Our expretienced engineers and artists can assist in the complete design for customized construction.

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Ferris Wheel
Technical Park Amusement Rides

We produce a wide range of ferris wheel from 17 meters to 100 meters ideal. Our ferris wheel are intalled all over the world by now over 160 locations.

Our ferris wheels are designed and calculated to feet into specific situation or particular necessities like climatic conditions, strong winds or difficult grounding aspects abput fundations, resistance, earthquake-thretenend area.

They are a very reliable investement, representing a very good business in relation to the potential income.

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